Unconscious Bias Training

Creating a more inclusive culture

One of the most important ways an organisation can improve its approach to diversity and inclusion is to ensure leaders are capable of identifying and addressing unconscious bias within the workplace. Frankly Diversity has designed an unconscious bias training program based upon the following principles:

Research and Science based: The content delivered in the workshop is based upon best-practice diversity and inclusion research and neuro-leadership science. This provides an evidence-based approach to what can sometimes be considered a ‘soft’ topic.

Practical tools for change: The training will include several relevant case studies as well as opportunities to brainstorm practical applications. Leaders who complete the workshop will be equipped with a suite of tools, ideas, stories and peer support network to immediately effect change within your organisation.

Willingness to be challenged: Leaders must be willing to be challenged to gain maximum benefit from the course. The biggest hurdle regarding unconscious bias is being able to identify when biases are at play – both within ourselves and in others. This is challenging and requires vulnerability and deep self-analysis.



Our 3.5 hour workshop covers:

The importance of diversity inclusion

  • Why is D&I important to you?
  • Why is D&I important to your business?
  • What does the research tell us in terms of business benefits of D&I?

What is Unconscious Bias?

  • What does neuro-science tell us about bias?
  • Why do we have biases?
  • The proof - the sociological studies that prove the discriminatory power of  unconscious bias

Personal Reflection

  • What biases do I have at work and beyond?
  • What are the impacts of these biases?
  • How can I identify and address theses biases when they emerge?
  • How can I identify and address biases in others?

Creating an Inclusive culture in the workplace

  • What are the potential (or existing) biases that may emerge throughout the employment lifecycle within your organisation?
  • What systems, processes and/or behaviour expectations can you put in place to reduce the risk of unfair biased decisions occurring?

Personal Commitments

  • For things to change first I must change. What will you do differently to help create a more inclusive culture within your organsation and beyond?

Interested in a tailored Uncoscious Bias and/or Inclusive Leadership Program?

We can work with you to tailor our unconscious bias training program to your organisation's specific needs. For example, we can help you integrate unconscious bias training into your existing leadership programs. We also offer train-the-trainer solutions.

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